PT. Fabila Teknik Sejahtera

We are The Proffessional Marine Underwater Diving, UT Gauging, Condition Assessment of hull and machinery, and offshore Engineng, Located in Jakarta and Serving around Indonesia.


Who We Are

We are a Domestic company Marine and Offshore Contractor and Supplier Services. The Company was formed by a group of senior individuals whose involvement and dedication was to establish and develop new technology and enhance the quality of workmanship in the Marine and Offshore industry.

Safety concepts and procedure were incorporated into our group activities from the beginning of the Companies.  However the current Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental (QHSE) program is formulated to strengthen the organization capability to cope safety with the expanded kind of business and complexity of the operations.

What We Do

We experiences, Specialisation and Profesional Ship management Marine and Offshore Independent Survey
Condition Assessment of Hull and Machinery
Marine Consulting
Marine and Offshore Project Supervisions
Construction Repair and Refurbishment
Diving Works
ABS Consultant Marine Services – Representative in Indonesia
Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Dry-docking, certified by ABS, BV, BKI, RINA, NK
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, certified by ABS, BV, BKI, RINA, NK, KR.

Why Use Us

Our Company goal in QHSE is to control or to eliminate recognized hazards in the work environment which could adversely affect the Health, Safety and well-being of its employee, clients, subcontractor as well as environment.
The QHSE program therefore is directed toward establishing and implementing policies, manual, procedures and practices, which focus on preventive of accidental loss. The requirements of this document apply equally to Sub-contractor personnel, suppliers and third parties engaged in work for or on behalf on the Company’s Group.
Compliance with the requirements of this document shall not relieve the Companies employees, Sub-contractors and other third parties who may be associated in any way with the Company Group operations to follow safe and sound practices throughout.

Business Prospect
We evaluate our performances periodically by concerning three aspects;
  1. Trust
  2. Quality
  3. Professionalism

With three company’s aspect we committed and concerned to client satisfaction also our professionalism to improve our company’s future performances.

Our CerticatioN
Our Legality and Proffesional Certificate.
Healt, safety and environtment policy statement

PT. Fabila Teknik Sejahtera has primary and continuing commitment to the protection from accidental loss to its employees and property.

Every company operation shall a zero accident rate as its primary goals. The supervisor of each operation shall be accountable for all aspects of safety performance, including the application of company procedures, codes of practice and applicable regulations. Controlling hazards should not be only as a reaction to accident or the result of workplace inspections. Line management and employee can be more proactive. It is necessary to ensure that the important things are done first.

To achieve this commitment and to keep good environment in which safety come first, PT. FabilaTeknik Sejahtera to ensure that.

  • The requirement that each employee to conduct all its operation to the highest achievable standards of Health and Safety with ZERO ACCIDENT rates as the target.
  • Carry out regular inspections to identify and reduce potential hazards. Conduct internal audits as of schedule and follow up the result for accident prevention as early as possible.
  • Develop training for all employees and encourage them to suggest ideas by sharing information and hold two way communication systems.
  • Develop of emergency plans and procedures to responds efficiently to incidents, whether they be of an occupational health, safety and environmental or security nature, thus minimizing their impact on the company and others.
  • Ensure that each field activity has an accident/incident reporting procedure and each event is fully investigated, documented and coasted.

We trust that all of us have agreed to prevent the accident, reduce hazards and protect the Property as a way of life.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

It is the policy PT. FabilaTeknik Sejahtera to tolerate any form of Alcohol and drug abuse no matter how minor and accident it is.

The following policy will be strictly adhered to:

  • The use of alcohol and drugs increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Therefore, possession and or use of alcohol and illicit drugs or being under the influence of this substance will not be tolerated while you are on duty.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs may also impair performance. Consult your physician and or label instructions as to any work-related-risk. Advised your immediate supervisor of any drugs being used so proper safety precautions can be taken. The employee has the responsibility to report the use of all prescription or nonprescription drugs of medications prior to reporting for duty.

Line Manager and Supervisor are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented and maintained.